Friday, June 18, 2010

Whats my design style?

So today I am linking up with From the Right Bank for the "What's your style in one picture challenge"

So what is my style? A question I have pondered many times. I know what I do not like, but to sum up what I do like in a few words would be difficult. If I had to look at all the interiors from magazines that have appealed to me, I guess the common theme would be these elements - semi modern, clean, simple, colorful, earthy, uncluttered, eclectic, orange and/or red; all of this with a nod of respect to tradition and culture! Every home I have ever lived in has always had these in various permutations and combinations. I simply have to have one orange wall, even more than one if permitted....! I like modern furniture with Eastern nuances, color on the walls with big bold art on it, chunky terracotta and ceramic pottery with potted plants, Turkish kilims and textured fabrics, old Indian furniture and wide open spaces flowing into each other! I like combining the old with the new - big brass antique artifacts in a modern setting, my grandma's kitchen appliances in my Italian modular kitchen, earthenware and stoneware on a glass coffee table.....etc.
So if I had to sum it up I would say Eastern eclectic meets Indian tradition!
But like they say a picture paints a thousand maybe this ONE image will give you an idea!

I like the open feel of the room. The big floor to ceiling glass windows make the transition between the inside and the outside almost disappear. I love the textured red bedspread with the contrasting colorful green pillows against the saffron sheets. The antique mirror and the big bold artwork on the plain white walls are just my style! And even though I do not have a single white wall in my home, the white of these walls contrasts beautifully with the other colors making them leap out at you! Accessories are minimal, just a polished bronze plate and a red hued lamp - simple, clean, minimalistic, gorgeous and red!


Patricia Torres said...

Love the open windows.. Love the earthy orangish tones...

Hey.. your bedroom wall art is simply awesome!!

Patricia Torres said...

Also.. Can you please send me a pic.. I'd love to feature your wall art on my blog... thanks!


Orange is my favorite color so anytime someone talks about orange walls, it makes me so happy! "Eastern eclectic meets Indian tradition" - I love it! :) Thanks so much for participating in my challenge! It's so nice to discover your blog. Have a lovely weekend!