Monday, June 21, 2010

Me a minimalist???

Those who know me and follow my blog probably know by now that I like rooms and interiors that have clean simple uncluttered lines. No little tchotchkes and things for me......some nice linear furniture, bold bright artwork, maybe a few accessories for the tables, plants, textured fabrics.....and lots of color by way of walls and pillows and rugs! Not a clutter bug but definitely not a minimalist! So imagine my surprise and shock when I opened the pages of a magazine and absolutely fell for this beautiful picture under the title "Minimalism Redefined".....I thought minimalism was all about cold spaces in a neutral pallette with the only colors being black and white????
Take a look at this gorgeous room.....minimalism takes a bold twist while sticking to the "less is more" adage. Set in the context of a minimal layout, the single vibrant red hue gives brilliant results. The clean lined entertainment area gets its punch from the bright orange of the flower, the red of the tomato and the greens of the lime and jade pillows! The artwork in black and white against the neutral backdrop keeps the space subtle and reminds us - ever so gently - not to get too visually intense with the color!
If this is minimalism - count me in!

Images courtesy Better Interiors June 2010


Purnima@a creative project said...

Hi Kamini! Hopped on to your blog from OUATT where your beautiful home is showcased! I love the ganesha sunny and relaxing!! Love your art as well!

Sudha said...

loved ur blog...:)