Saturday, June 26, 2010

I've found my Dream house!

I think I've found it! My dream house - not a vacation home, but an actual home in which I would like to live, breathe, eat and sleep forever for the rest of my life! The house is perfect, the location is perfect...its just PERFECT! I am talking about this 250 year old home in Colombia near the Caribbean Sea, a historic home that was restored and redesigned as a vacation getaway for businessman Jean-Claude Bessudo and his wife Daniele! Even their names are so perfect...Jean Claude...Daniele!

Of the 250-year-old home's restoration, French-born Jean-Claude Bessudo says, "It was a difficult construction. It had been turned into a bank—very different from a Colonial residence in Cartagena. We tried to return to the original design in a modern way." A mix of Spanish Colonial and French-influenced Republican styles, the house had been poorly restored decades ago, explains Burckhardt, the architect hired . "Almost everything that had been added had to be demolished." After the discovery of what were believed to be the original plans for the 13,000-square-foot home, the yearlong project began in earnest.

Inside, the vacation home is a vision of simplicity and comfort. With a minimum of materials and decoration the house is perfect for their children, their companions and their five grandchildren. Furnishings are simple and decorated with local handicrafts, like the hammocks typical of Cartagena. The minimalist approach to the interior complements the home's open feeling, a requirement in the humid climate. Burckhardt is especially delighted by the relationship between the architecture and nature, crediting Belgian native Danièle with special touches, especially plants near the pool. "The pool is my favorite area," he says.
Here are some incredible images for you to salivate over....

Brick archway covered with pothos vines
The Historic facade
The Reflecting pool
Another peaceful pool
Corraline Stone Column
Casual Relaxation by the pool
Rustically Modern Style
Hammocks by the pool
Sleek outdoor style
Soothing indoor style
Cool and crisp bedroom
Balcony and balustrade
Master Bedroom
Terrace with a tower view
Sigh! Oh was fun to daydream. Maybe I should change my name to Carmen (more dreamy and romantic and suited to this place than "Kamini") and apply for a job as maid/cook/cleaner...? I'd be happy to cook and clean all day long if I could have a view of the ocean as I was dusting and mopping! Even a small room by one of the pools will make me happy.

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Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Hi Kamini, I featured this home just a few weeks back. I agree with you thats its sensational!

Kamini said...

OMG way! I would have remembered had I seen it on your maybe it was before I got on the blogging bandwagon!! Oh well, it is so stunning I don't suppose it hurts to look at it again..?

Sreelu said...

just beautiful thanks for sharing

Bedazzled said...

divine !!!! i am tempted to apply for that cleaner job as well !!

pRiyA said...

Gorgeous! Truly a dream.

Kamini said...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your comments even tho you may have seen this before in Anu's post! Welcome Priya!

Kitchens For Living said...

It's ok Kamini. This house definitely warrants two blog posts!