Thursday, July 8, 2010

My ode to my fellow bloggers!

I thought its time I wrote a poem on this awesome group of friends
A group that loves design and style and follows current trends
Stunning interiors, stylish rooms, we post whenever we can
Colors, fabrics, glam and cool, we like things with elan
Martha Stewart, Michael Graves, magazines and websites
Are food and fodder for our brains, they keep us up at nights
We're mothers and professionals, and some of us are joggers
We write, we type, we copy paste, we're the Desi Design Bloggers

First and foremost let me start with Anu of Seattle
Her blog is candy for the eyes, her sense of style is subtle
Her home is full of love and warmth, a vision in cream and brown
With pops of color here and there, a place thats all her own
Serene corners filled with flowers in shades of pink and crimson
And antique knick knacks here and there, vying for attention
My sister-in-law's sis-in-law is Arch at Rang Decor
She lives and blogs and writes her posts in lovely Bangalore
Her images and photographs will have you wanting more
The play of light on simple things are what she captures well
Flowers fragrant in the rain you can almost breathe the smell
Cookies, brownies, cups of chai and pictures of her home
Her love for things traditional that make you feel welcome
And then there's Patricia Torres, or Patty as we call her
She's happy and vivacious and her blog's Colours Dekor
Her spirit is infectious, her style is wild and free
She pens her posts from far away, from oil rich Duba-iiii!
She's crazy about wall art, (she has a peacock on her wall)
And buys lanterns for her garden in every color from the mall
Recently her blog was named among the top fifty two
Congratulations Patty, we think you deserve it too!
Kanika's blog "And Another" is about textiles, cloth and fabric
Her style is wordly and cultured, and especi-ally ethnic
Sensitive and caring just like a true Cancerian
She loves just about anything thats Argentinian or Bolivian
Her blog is full of ideas on where to buy cool funishings
Tablecloths and cushions, bedspreads, towels....anything!
Priya in SFO, blogs at Once Upon a Tea Time
Her posts are daily reads for me, to miss it is a crime
Lifestyle, interiors and design, both contemporary and classic
Her home tours are her forte, all you do is send her pics
She has recently discovered both Eames and Saarinen
And spends her time "geeking out over" over mid century design
Artnlight is the brainchild of Vineeta in Mumbai
The first design blog I ever read, and I couldn't stay away
From it, talent and creativity ooze out from every word
And her fabulous decoupaged boxes on Elle Decor were featured
She writes about the artists and designers who are the best
Her blog is such an inspiration to me and all the rest
Gagan of Midwest USA has "Of Peacocks and Paisleys"
The most prolific blogger of them all, she has to blog daily
Not just one or two a day, but sometimes even three
Her posts pulsate with passion, of design joy and ecstasy
Her blog to her is as she says "Comfort food for her soul"
From jewellry to home decor, she's really on a roll
Sharon blogs at The Key Bunch, she helps with Indian decor
With craft ideas and DIY's, she'll help you that's for sure
Her website's full of info on home products and resources
Flea market finds, store openings and anything new there is
Bhavna at An Indian Summer has just now completed 3
A corporate consultant by day, at night a designophile
Her home reflects her passion for color and for sass
The graphics on her website scream coolness and pizazz
Turquoises, greens and aquas, deep purples, pinks and red
And hours after you leave the site, they spin around in your head

Sundeep is the hip one, she writes Designwali
Her unique modern design style fits her to a T
Her home, in grays and creams and browns is contemporary cool
With splashes of black and white and red, the effect will make you drool
Her passion for interiors is obvious to me
An amazingly creative soul, this designer wannabe
With a baby girl Elisha, is new mom Shalini
A writer and a traveller, in essence a spirit free
"Of Travels and Travails" is where she pens her thoughts
Her photographs of simple things, of flowers and what-nots
She's planning a vacation now with her baby and her hubby
Australia is what she's thinking...will we be seeing pics of Sydney?
Then there's the other Priya,illustrator extraordinaire
Her blog The Plum Tree 2, is where she shows her flair
For capturing the essence and the beauty all around
Of fat cats and crows and flowers and seed pods on the ground
Her thought provoking pictures and descriptions in her ink
Will stop and make you ponder, she likes to make you think.
Charu's another genius with markers and pastels
Simple themes and daily life in portraying she excels
A graphic student by design who always loves to paint
Her subjects are simple folks, and travellers in trains
Who talk and laugh and eat and while away the time
Faces, postures, moods and feelings, so different and sublime
Anrosh has a passion for color and for handloom
Designs, prints and patterns, embroidered in costume
His aim is to educate us about ancient textiles and traditions
To revive these age old practices is his untiring mission
The weaving community still exists, there's so much from them to learn
This blog he says is his homage, his ode to the Indian yarn
Celebrations Decor is the design blog of Lakshmi
With photographs and images of all things that are desi
Sajavat is the baby of Sangitha in Mumbai
An admirer of all things beautiful, she hopes we will enjoy
Deepa Raman of Chennai has information  and some more
On just where to find that designy thing you're looking for
Sanghamitra - gosh I LOVE that name - who lives in Singapore
Has a gorgeous home with warmth, and full of ethnic Indian decor

Then there are techno blogs and travel blogs and blogs on art and books
And blogs on kids and blogs on pets and blogs on budding cooks

But we designer divas, we're a closely knitted group
We comment on each others' blogs and gladly share the scoop
There are many other bloggers there who I'm sure I have forgotten
Please don't feel bad, it was not intended....don't tell me I am rotten
Feel free to send me all your information and I'll be sure to add it on
To this hallowed list of desi girls to who I say....BLOG ON!!!

Apologies to my fellow bloggers for lifting  images off their blogs for this post!!!


GB said...

OMG- priceless. I just wish I could spin out some poetry for you Kamini, alas and alack that talent's missing! You're the best! loved this post- I have a HUGE smile on my face right now. You know, I've started to think of you as friends- I look at something and think to myself, oh this is so patty (orange) or Priya would love this (Ikat, Suzani) or this is Kamini's style (modern rooms, earthy colors) so I totally get this post. Sorry my comment is taking on the form of a post in itself...I think I need to go back to my own blog now..

:D here's to the desi(gn) bloggers!!!!

Kamini said...

Gagan.....such a nice thing to say. Thanks! Yup, I too feel like we are all one big family, we know each other's tastes so well now!

My Dream Canvas said...

Kamini, Thank you so much. What a lovely idea. I am trilled to have many so many interesting and talented people via the blogging world. You are all my friends and its lovely to wake up in the morning to all the fantastic posts and chit chat thru our blogs :-)

indian yarn said...

kamini has sung the song.

Now we will have to assemble the "bhaitak" and strum the sitar and the harmonium.

and chai and samosas - for those living in the rain.

and the watermelons for those facing the heat wave

Unknown said...

Lovely to see the Ode of all my favorite desi design bloggers...
Every word is so true...You all inspire us with new ideas...thank you

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Kamini, what a wonderful post! Thank you for including me and you are so right- the desi design blogging world is a small one and it has been a pleasure to know and make friends with everyone here!

Kamini said...

Glad you all enjoyed it, it was so much fun writing it. Its interesting how we each have our own unique style like GB says!

Unknown said...

I woke up this morning with the word boring ringing in my ears...and then i decided to check my mail...

Thank you Kamini for such a wonderful start to my day...i really needed it today :)
Cheers to all of the wonderful us..may our lives be full of passion and ideas and all things beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... Kamini!! I am sooooo very emotional at the moment that I cant think of a comment...

Waking up to see this first thing in the morning has surely uplifted my spirits...

And I so agree with Gagan... Its like we are one big family.. and know exactly what the other is thinking or likes or dislikes... Its nice to be so close to each other..

I simply love your ode.. So well written.. So well said... So many beautiful words.. for all my beautiful friends.. I am so simpressed with you!!

Oh.. Wish I can meet you and all these other fabulous ladies someday... :-)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Thanks Kamini for the mail and letting me know about the post and thanks for mentioning my blog.
what a wonderful idea in putting these bloggers under one roof.
i am thrilled to see so many fellow design and decor blogs around.

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

OMG..OMG...Kamini I just don't know what to say!! I'm touched dear :)
So, you liked my name !!..
Gagan is right...we know each others style, taste so well by now :)
....'coz we are all one big happy
family now... and we look frwd to stay as a big happy family...isn't it Kamini?


Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Kamini, you just made my morning! I have been smiling since :)

I think saying 'Thank you' just isn't enough...sending you a biig virtual bear hug, and saving the real one for whenever we meet (hopefully!)

Vineeta said...

This is a truly heartwarming gesture, Kamini! Such a generous thing to do & so from the heart. Sending you a BIG thank you HUG all the way from Bombay :)You are a rockstar :)

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thank you Kamini:-)

Wonderfully put together post with so much thought and effort.


Shalini said...

How wonderful to see a collection of familiar bloggers and flickr friends here. And thank you so much for including me :-)

Lol, I was feeling very ambitious that day, when I wrote about an Australian vacation! Some days even going out for a coffee to Coffee Day is an unimaginable effort. But it's good to be optimistic and keep planning right!

Sharon said...

Heavens Kamini...I got here from Pat's blog wondering what she was talking about...I think I am going to take a print out...we are an odd lot, aren't we?

We ought to meet:) Im sure it will be a riot!

Bunny said...

Wow! Got here thanks to Kanika...

Nice blog and very cool list :)


Bunny said...

Wow! Got here thanks to Kanika...

Nice blog and very cool list :)


Kamini said...

Thanks you guys. If you enjoyed reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it, then I am a happy camper!

Sangitha Aanand said...

Hey Kamini,

Thanks a ton dear for mentioning my name!
Cheers to design bloggers!
now we know that apart from being a design blogger,you are a gifted poetess too!

pRiyA said...

You have warmed the cockles of my heart with your Ode my dear. I shall strive further to 'make my readers THINK'.
Thank you!

Rekha said...

Thanks for mentioning our blog, Kamini. It means so much to us :)


charu said...

Vow.. thank you sooo..much Kamini.. it was a wonderful gift. :) thank you for including me and sharing about other wonderful bloggers.. loved it.

Anonymous said...