Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Store Find - Eucalyptus!

Maybe some of you have aleady heard about this store....but in case you haven't, this is Eucalyptus, a fabulous new home store in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad and fortunately a stone's throw away from my home.....which, as it turns out, may not be such a good thing. Because if you see what they have....you'll know why I find it so hard to stay away! They carry a range of bed linen, quilts, bedspreads, cushions, table linen, runners in stunning colors.....which will transform your house into a home!
The designers behind this are Shaila Nambiar and Shruti Phagre-Mahajan, friends from Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting at the M.S.University of Baroda)to PG (batchmates at the Textile Designing programme in NID(Ahmedabad). The core behind Eucalyptus is entrepreneur Asha Reddy who met Shaila and Shruti during a designer workshop through a common friend. The wavelengths harmonized and the threesome came together, like the three points of a triangle, to take a concrete shape in this home store in Hyderabad that has plans of branching out to the other cities as well.

Here are some of their gorgeous products!

To see more spectacular stuff visit their website here.


GB said...

Lovely find, Kamini. So did you get anything from there? :)

Kamini said...

No, not yet. This was sort of a reconnaissance trip, checking it out. I was overwhelmed....now need to decide what I want...not what I need:-)

Patricia Torres said...

Oh gorgeous.. gorgeous stuff.. I'm off to check if they do online shipping.. I desperately need a table cloth..

LILY NAIR said...

Hey Kamini,

Not sure if you remember me...we met at Usha Juman's farewell.... I accidentally stumbled onto your blog site and I am HOOKED! It is absolutely amazing, keeps you engrossed with all things bright and beautiful!
Lily Nair

Kamini said...

Lily - Oh My Goodness....what a small blog world! Glad you stumbled upon S and S and are enjoying it. I looked at you blog for your e mail address...could not find it! Would love to get in touch with you!