Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh Mexico!

Mexico....for the artist, the Bohemian and the intellectual, Mexico has always had a fascinating, primitive allure. As one writer puts it "Mexico is one long, carelessly written but absorbing romance". Other countries, including India, have the colors - the bright pinks, blues and yellows- but what sets Mexico apart is its frenetic quality, the feeling that underneath its sun baked brilliance, the innocence of pure color and the naivete of the child like folk art, lie deeper, ancient passions. The grafting of Spanish culture on the native Mexican, which began in the 16th century, had a profound effect on the Mexican Arts. The colors of Mexico are less calm then their Mediterranean equivalents - the pinks more brilliant, the blues more vivid, the yellows more acid and the greens more tropical. They are the colors of Mexico's most famous artist Frida Kahlo ( a post on her is in the pipeline)... !
Here is the basic style of Mexican houses - buildings are built of stone or mortar, or sun dried mud bricks, and then they are all given a coat of smooth stucco and then calcimined white, or a pale shade of pink, blue, yellow, buff or green...and if it were not for their gayety of color and the perpetual fascination of their flower filled patios...the uniform height and square simplicity of their design would appear monotonous! In many ways this, and their penchant for color is similar to mud homes painted and adorned in villages of India, which is perhaps why Mexico and its culture, people and food resonate so deeply with us Indians.

The key to successfully recreating a Mexican inspired interior is first to build an appropriate framework of tiled or wooden floors and matte chalky walls, and then to fill it with a glorious riot of colors - color, for the sheer purpose of using and enjoying it! So feast your eyes on these gorgeous interiors and get inspired!

The lively border painted at window height adds native charm - what a great idea!
Scuffed painted cupboards and brightly colored thick earthenware pottery
A Spanish colonial theme where English pine and Victorian brass lamps are mixed with navajo woven rugs, native American dolls and a native cowboy painting.
An adobe style fireplace, their organic nature enhanced by the natural materials used throughout the house.
A Santa Fe style bathroom
Rugged Mexican furniture with thick pottery
A modern kitchen within a Mexican framework - the soft curves of the walls offset the clean lines of the kitchen cabinets painted a particular shade of mexican blue known as azul anil.
The dining room

For those of you interested in reading more on the amazing similarities between the Hindu and Mexican cultures....go here! Its a fascinating read!

Images via Ethnic by Design by Dinah Hall


GB said...

I like their arched windows and doorways-very reminiscent of Indian architecture!

Patricia Torres said...

Oh nice.. nice.. everytime we go to a mexican resturaunt... the dekor and colours fascinate me... I've always wanted to wander off for a mini holiday.. (Only thing.. its way too far for me.. )..

Loved all your images... the colours, the arched windows... the hallways.. *sigh* very pretty!

charu said...

Thank you kamini for sharing such beautiful things.. It is really worth waiting for a new post from you.. btw your home and your paintings looks so beautiful.. :)