Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh happy day again!!

Ever since Vineeta of Artnlight featured this blog on her website, I was determined to do a recipe and send it in. If not for anything, just for the fun of it! So I did! and guess what???? They posted my recipe today on their blog!

Thanks so much Vineeta, for letting me know about this and thanks to brother and sister, Nate and Salli for featuring it!

My next post is all about food, so this is perfect timing!


GB said...

Oh I love it!!! this is such a fun way to work with food! :) and I love your take on classic palak paneer-you know, I make palak based subzis/curries at least twice a week! Have to make sure my boys are getting their greens. :)

Kamini said...

GB - I will eat palak 3 times a day, 365 days a year if I have to. Raw, boiled, undercooked, overcooked, steamed...anything, but my favorite is without question palak panir!

Patricia Torres said...

I love those elephants... so cute... so cute!! And .. I love palak paneer... :-)

Dithi said...

Liked your entry a lot Kamini, I've been procrastinating about this for way too long :(