Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Travel - The Dune at Puducherry

Ever long for a holiday from which you come back refreshed, like getting soaked in the gentle rain in a heated desert? Then head to The Dune at Puducherry.....a sprawling eco-village set on 35 acres along the Coromandel coast of Tamil Nadu. This resort will take you right into the heart of nature for a fantastic experience like no other. The Dune cherishes the spirit "to live in harmony with nature and men". For ages, swamis (Holy Men) from the nearby temples of Mahabalipuram used this scenic beach reserve as a place of pilgrimage and meditation. It features a generous organic garden, a 700m long sand beach, and all that is necessary to take care of the body and soul according to traditional Ayuvreda’s rites. It also has an Artists In Residence program providing work studios for artists from all over the world! I know I'd be terribly inspired to paint if I was there!!
Each of the 36 bungalows and bedrooms presents a unique architecture, style and decoration for a particular experience. The result is surprising, sometimes eccentric, in a zen and green environment
The hotel is fully committed to preserving the environment. As an example, recycled material from South Indian colonial houses, Chettinad palaces and Kerala planter’s mansions was used for a significant part of the building. The hotel also chose not to equip all bungalows with air conditioning (but there is always a refreshing sea breeze). Solar energy, low energy consumption light bulbs, and waste water treatment complete this ecologic commitment.

Fusing modern and traditional architecture, the hotel's cottages are done up in different styles ranging from plush Regency to vibrant Carribean! The vibrant use of colors in and outside the cottages will force you to forget your stress and relax. The rooms full of genuine antiques, statues, idols, chairs, tables, stone pillars, and carved doors have made the interiors charming and serene. Bright blue and hot yellow textures on glasses and walls energise the mind and soul.

If I was going there I would have a hard time deciding which room to stay in. Would it be the Kerela Room with its wood beams and rafters reaching out to my Kerela roots? Or the Nawabi rooms reminiscent of the Hyderabad I live in? Or the Mud Room for its eco friendly nature? Or the Family House with is infusion of raw earthy colors that I adore???? Or then again maybe the Bangle Room because it is so much like my bedroom??? Hmmm..how about you?
Here are some images of the resort:
The Artist's studio
 Artist's studio 
The Artists Studio
The Bamboo Room
 Inside the Bamboo Room
 The Bangle Room
 The Baywatch House 1
 The Courtyard House
 Artists studio 2
 The Courtyard House
 The Family House
 The Family House and garden
 The bath - yes, the bath
 The Garden Room
 The Garden suite
 The Karaikudi suite
 The Kerala House
 The Kerala House
 The Sambu House
 The Wood House
 Inside the Wood House
 The Nawabi Room
 The Nawabi Room
Images via various media resources.


Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Great post Kamini !!
Reminds me our good old days in Chennai-Puducherry....
Just loved it :)

Patricia Torres said...

Gorgeous.. gorgeous post!!! Simply loved it... I cant decide which room I'd like to stay in.. The decor is amazing...

Now I'm longing for a holiday..

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

I love The Dune...and the best thing is it keeps evolving with decor ideas from new artists! The Karaikudi room for me please, and that glass enclosed bed in the last pic:) it would be a riot sleeping in there! Lovely stuff, Kamini!

Rekha said...

Brilliant, I have been wanting to go there ever since I read about the place. Hopefully I can make it this year.

Kamini said...

I'm thinking we have a desi bloggers get together there next year....? Its not astronomically expensive, it has 32 cottages to suit each of our styles, it will be a riot!

indian yarn said...

kamini - what are the floors made of - i am thinking normal cemented floors - sanded down with colored cement ? is it

Kamini said...

Anrosh - I believe the floors are all wooden floors, trying to stay with the eco friendly theme!

Kitchens For Living said...

I cherish the time I spent visiting India, nearly 9 years ago now! I passed through Pondi visiting the ashram and Matrimandir. I adored Pondicherry and have always thought I'd love to go back and spend more time. Now I really have a reason. The Dune looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it and allowing me to dream a little today.

GB said...

Lovely post Kamini...I like the fact that they have no airconditioning and are eco-concsious...balmy breeze? sounds wonderful!

GB said...