Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Of laptops and lotuses!

Oh the relief!!!! My laptop is up and running again....turns out the crazy rainstorm of Saturday coupled with terrific winds, caused seious power surges and voltage the adaptor got fried! Well.....gave up waiting for the computer repair guy to show up and turned to the in-house expert/my husband who finally came home after a week away on travel.....who quickly figured out the problem and sweetly got me a new adaptor cable today! See the advantages of a left brained engineer type husband...? They may not appreciate that orange wall or that expensive piece of art work, but fixing problem!
FINALLY! I feel like I found a lost limb!

First things are pics of the lotus that bloomed, almost 10" in chronological order!

And here is the little lotus baby following closely on its heels......

Ahhhh its good to be back in blogland!


GB said...

Good to have you back!! Looks like your yin/yang is perfectly balanced ...........

Kamini said... are so right! Didn't look at it that way at all!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Hey Kamini,
You are absolutely correct:)...yah,the in-house expart/left brained IIT engineer/ sweet hubby/who finally comes home after a week from travel/can't appreciate those orange wall etc/ but can fix up any technical problem!!!....what a similarity dear :))...
We not only share the same birth month!(well almost the same date)!!....but many more!!
Yday my left brained engineer type tech-savvy sweet one also fixed up my updating prob with blogger!...yup...well finally came home after 12 days from travel..!!:)....hmmm...we are on the same boat buddy!!??

Loved your lotuses...good to see you here again!!

Keep rocking!

Kanika Bahl said...

Hey Kamini....Love your lotus pond, have always wanted one myself....the pictures are so i want a lotus pond real they grow in rented flat balconies:D!


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

hey kamini,very true
they may not appreciate the floating flowers or urulis,but laptop and computers,,,hmmm same pinch
but mine has started recently appreciating..wink:)-
float the lotuses in urulis,please..for me