Friday, July 9, 2010

Sculptor Malcolm Temple

I simply had to share with you the fabulously colorful home of Malcolm Temple.
Malcolm Temple is a well known sculptor living in Britian. Temple's home is filled with his art, not just in sculptural art pieces, but also in the furniture he has designed. All of his work reflects the primitive imagery of early 20th century artists like the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Temple loves the vivid colors of Saxon and Celtic art. He believes his work has benefitted  from a variety of ethnic influences which cannot be differentiated. In his words "All natural forms have a certain similarity, that particular sort of native power".
Take a look at these images of his home:

The hallway painted with jewel bright colors. Just look at the incredible accessories....especially that mirror!
The mantelpiece is surrounded with examples of his work.
The carved yellow cabinet christened the 'Optimists House" is the focal point here
Here is some examples of his sculptural pieces - Totemic sculptures or "love poles" carved from Canadian pitch pine, loosely inspired by Cycladic art. The beaten lead panel uses powerful symbols - the eye and the fish - common to every culture
The bed is constructed from limed pitch pine with a beaten and lacquered lead headboard
"The Cage Cabinet" is an assemblage of different elements


GB said...

Love it- you know kamini, if it were up to me, my whole home would be full of vibrant colors...Loved the picture with the three sculptures as well!! thanks for sharing! :)

indian yarn said...

nicely curated